20 Companies to Watch Out For in Biometric Authentication


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Interest and investments in biometric solutions are driven by two broad factors – The need for a better authentication method than the existing passwords and PIN’s, and the focus on providing enhanced, yet convenient security solution for consumers. Globally there are hundreds of companies that are looking at providing solutions for enabling safe and secure biometric authentication. The below list provides you with 20 companies which are developing innovative and interesting biometric authentication systems.


PayPal has made public its intentions of developing a suite of technologies that would incorporate biometric authentication which include vein recognition, ingestible technology and computer chip tattoos.


Nymi created the “Nymi Band,” a wearable device that delivers a continuous authentication experience utilizing its proprietary technology—HeartID. HeartID leverages the wearer’s unique electrocardiogram (or ECG) as a biometric identifier.


Among the various technology services and products that Fujitsu provides globally, its biometric authentication product “PalmSecure,” a hand geometry biometrics solution, is witnessing growth.


PayTango provides fingerprint-enabled payment systems.

3M Cogent

Cogent, a 3M company, provides biometric identification solutions to multiple industries. Some of its solutions are facial identification, biometric enrollment, mobile identification, ID management, etc.


NEC, a provider of IT and network technologies, also provides a suite of biometric identification systems that work on facial recognition, fingerprint identification, palm scan, etc.


BioEnable is a leading Indian company working on electronic identification. It provides biometric solutions on fingerprint and iris scanning which were used in India’s Aadhaar program.


Qualcomm, a provider of digital communication products, also provides Sense ID 3D fingerprint technology and is reported to be exploring additional biometric authentication methods.


Hitachi’s biometric security solutions provide finger vein authentication technology that is used in logical access applications, applications for physical access through finger vein authentication systems, vein pattern applications for ATM & banking, and embedded applications.


It provides Eyeprint ID technology that is leveraged in device OEMs, financial services, and government and healthcare solutions.


IrisGuard provides cameras software and back-end servers that enable the customer to provide iris recognition solutions.

ImageWare Systems, Inc.

IWS supports multimodal biometric authentication that work on voice, fingerprint and facial recognition.


M2SYS provides a suite of products for multiple industries spanning from mobile biometrics, biometric readers on fingerprint, finger vein, voice recognition, face recognition, palm vein, iris and smart cards.


NexID Biometrics provides software technology that enhances biometric solutions utilizing biometric innovations for liveness detection and spoof mitigation.


Mobbeel provides multibiometric authentication solutions for mobile devices which work on voice, face, signature, iris and fingerprint.

Precise Biometrics

Precise Biometrics provides mobile authentication of digital identity using fingerprint technology and smart card solutions.

SIC Biometrics

SIC Biometrics provides fingerprint ID solutions, proximity security card solutions, turnkey mobile biometric solutions and SDKs.


Zwipe provides high-tech fingerprint authentication that—through the analysis and matching of an individual’s unique fingerprint—verify the person’s identity.

Teasy Mobile

Teasy Mobile is a Nigerian mobile payments provider that equips its mobile money agents with POS terminals that use biometric technology to verify a consumer and NFC tech to allow them to make a payment.


Danal, a Korean service provider, provides consumers with a fingerprint technology-based payment system.

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